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KAMAY Furniture is a trendsetter in modern lifestyle concepts, where each product is a meticulously designed work of art intended to complement living spaces, and transform it into something spectacular. Striking the perfect balance between space, form and functionality, our furniture imbues homes with trendy yet tasteful auras.

A home-grown brand established in the year 2000 at NB Plaza in Seberang Perai, Penang, we have since grown leaps and bounds. A second showroom opened at Gurney Plaza in 2005, while a third is set to welcome discerning home-owners by December 2014, at Tanjung Tokong. 

  • Iconic Vision

  • Kamay walks the ever long journey to be a designer and provider, aspiring to expand further by setting up a sprawling one-stop showroom known as the KAMAY Icon, on the proposed site in Batu Kawan. Designed with a futuristic look, and incorporating environmentally friendly features, it is poised to be an iconic building that exemplifies the company’s vision for the future.If realized, it would become a major landmark in the area, helping draw thousands of visitors and elevate it to a prominence. As a company,

    we believe in positively impacting the local community in which we operate, and we’re confident the project would bring lasting benefits. The influx of visitors creates many business opportunities, as well as employment for local residents, which is great for the area’s economy.

    The state of the art, three storey showroom will offer homeowners one-stop solutions for all their home furnishing needs. From living room, to bedroom, kitchen, outdoors and more, there will be a comprehensive and varied range of furniture designs to choose from. It provides a convenient, all-inclusive shopping experience helping patrons bring their dream homes to reality.


    To discuss what we can do further, please leave your name, email and message below. Alternatively, you can contact us at +60 4-899 5280

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